What you need to know about MHalal Farms

M-Halal Farm is an agriculture company providing proven strategies to the most reputable farmers
increasing the output conserving more resources and improving people’s lives. Farming is a career that
inspires hope. We know you won’t settle for less, so we are going to offer you proven strategies that will
put your income-generating effort on auto-pilot. Food security, suitable prices, modern farming
techniques, soil and plant nutrition, and farmer’s loan are top priorities to increase production. We grow
green fresh vegetables for supply across the country. Some of our regular products are; tomatoes,
pepper, and onion in all varieties.

We have the best Livestock farm in Nigeria ranging from a different
breeds. We supply loads of food, vegetables, and livestock across Abuja, Minna, and Kano states
respectively. Our farm is located at Talba Farm Housry unit Chanchaga Local Government Minna, Niger

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